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by Gerard on August 22, 2019

Software providers slowing operations in Australia after Crown reports

The Australian casino industry has been shaken up quite a bit over the past two months. The news of the Crown casino allegations have spread throughout the world and have been proving to be a little more than damaging to the local industry. While Crown casino is facing investigation and strong backlash, the rest of the industry is considering what the prudent next steps for them within Australia are going to be. The fact that the case has gotten national attention and has had policymakers in the parliament become interested in exerting stronger control over the industry is causing a lot of doubt for those already present in the industry within the country. While certain companies remain undisturbed, there are those that are considering shuttering their services within the country and concentrating in other areas of the world.

Not a friendly environment

While the investigation that is being conducted by the government might be warranted, the result is that many within the industry are feeling a little tense. The thing is, while the casinos are feeling paranoid, they are not planning on pulling out any time soon. ON the other hand, software providers that are working with the local casinos are considering more and more that it might not be worth the potential trouble of facing the Australian government to stick around with the local casinos. When looking at the Aussie Evolution Gaming casino list, it is not hard to see why. The casinos are already dealing with a whole lot of legislation that is causing them to have trouble operating at full capacity in the local markets. But, with the possible quakes from the investigation hitting the rest of the current industry, and some casinos shuttering their operations altogether, it might not be worth the reputation loss to stick with them. Which is why Evolution gaming is now considering stopping operations with certain casinos on the list of who they provide for. Although, this is not official information yet and Evolution does not have much of a reason to stop their operations beyond the fear that these casinos might face repercussions.

The only casinos that will be facing real trouble in the coming years are physical casinos, while online casinos are not going to be suffering much in any way. Online casinos do not have the same operational capabilities to commit the crimes that Crown is accused of, which means that they are not going to be investigated for them, which is why the feat that some of the Software casinos are feeling is not necessarily warranted and might be considered simple paranoia. Meanwhile, physical casinos are the ones being paranoid the most and justifiably so, with some even starting to shutter their operations in fear of being investigated and found to be guilty of operations that they are unsure of being run within their casinos. Suncity Junkets have already started closing, and many other such junket operations are going to continue closing in the near future, as they are considered to be potentially dangerous and used for laundering activities.

What the future holds for the casino industry in the country is not something that many can predict, but one thing is for sure – the Crown case is causing a lot of trouble for everyone in the country. It is going to be interesting to see how this case is going to change the gambling industry within the country, which had already been facing a lot of trouble and a lot of unpopularity among large swaths of the population and in the local governments.

By Gerard

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