NESSfx broker review – reasons to avoid it

NESSfx broker review – reasons to avoid it

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Forex market is growing every day and more and more brokers are coming on the market. However, with so many active and trustworthy Forex brokers, scam companies also became very frequently seen on the market. Sadly, this is something that is affecting Forex traders all around the world very much, since it is becoming impossible to know which broker to trust or not.

The days when we had to call the broker directly to make moves on the market are long gone and it is now easier to trade Forex than it has ever been. The internet is full of information and educational materials and you should try your best to avoid these dangerous companies, but it is not that easy.

Today, we are going to talk about NESSfx. This broker claims to be regulated by CySEC, however, while we were doing our review, we found some information that was a little disturbing. There have been many complains against the broker and it seems like it is very dangerous to trade with them. Many people have claimed that their money was stolen and they could not get it back even after a few months.

So, if you want to learn about the problems and challenges that the broker has, follow our NESSfx review and learn everything that might be important for you about NESSfx.

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Who regulates NESSfx and how safe is it?

According to the information that is provided on the website of the broker, it owns a license of CySEC, which is the main regulatory body of Cyprus. However, after doing very intensive research, we are able to say that this regulation is not enough for this broker to be trusted.

The broker is full of problems and it was very hard to find anything that works the way it should on NESSfx. First things first, it seems like the broker goes against many regulations that could lead to horrible consequences. Something that was very hard for us to understand as if the broker keeps their clients’ funds segregated or not.

Although this is a requirement of CySEC, we could not find information about it on the website of the broker. If they are not doing it, it means that any investor trading with NESSfx webtrader is in great danger. Imagine a situation that the broker goes bankrupt, if the funds of the clients are not kept on segregated accounts, it means that traders will not have the ability to get their hard-earned money back.

In addition, we found that many people are complaining about the services of the company. They say that the things described on the website are not true and everything is way worse than it looks.

nessfx scamHow useful is the website of the broker?

At first look, the website might not look all that bad. However, everything goes bad once you try to find the information that you need. The claim to have educational offerings for traders, which is a huge lie. We could not find anything under the page education, which, compared to other Forex brokers, is very bad.

Most of the FX brokers on the market today are offering different types of educational material, which can be used by traders to learn more about Forex trading. NESSfx does not do the same, which leads us to believe that this broker is trying its best to get the money of their clients illegally.

After you spend several minutes on the website, you will easily notice that it is created by someone who did not even think about creating something useful.

Why do we believe that NESSfx is a scam?

There are many reasons that lead us to believe that NESSfx scam is in fact a reality. First of all, while working on this review, we found out that the representatives of the broker are trying to call people and offer them their services and the opportunities for investments. This can be very dangerous and is against everything.

So, we recommend to everyone to try and avoid this broker at all costs. The market is full of brokers that are safe and secure for everyone and you should not have to trade with a broker that is not going to try its best to keep their users safe.

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