Colmex Pro Deposit Bonus – What’s in it for you?

Colmex Pro Deposit Bonus – What’s in it for you?







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Colmex Pro is an investment company based in Cyprus. They offer the trading of UK and US stocks, forex, and CFDs to their clients. They are regulated by CySEC which is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Colmex Pro like many other brokers has different ways of attracting, rewarding, and retaining clients. Let’s take a look at their bonus strategy and how you can benefit.

Unfortunately, Colmex Pro is not offering any bonuses at this time. The broker ran several promotional campaigns before, however, now there are no active offers on the broker’s platform. As an alternative, we suggest that you go through XM broker’s 50% deposit bonus program and see how the offer might benefit you, or check the complete list of the best available deposit bonus programs.

Update: Unfortunately, Colmex Pro Deposit Bonus is not available at the moment!

Get 50% deposit bonus at XM instead!

Colmex Pro Promotions

colmex pro deposit bonusWhile they do have the option of offering either a deposit bonus, which is a bonus given upon your first deposit, or a no deposit bonus, which is a bonus you receive without making any deposit. There are none. Even a Colmex Pro CFD bonus would be appreciated however it seems this broker is making no effort to reward clients. On top of that, there seem to be no apparent offers to help reward you for trading with them. While brokers do not HAVE to reward traders, incentives and assistance are greatly appreciated. This is because of the risks of trading and the deposit bonus Colmex Pro would provide or rewards would help to reduce those risks.

Colmex Pro deposit bonus alternatives

We actually found that while there are no bonuses, there are certain minor rewards that you can receive however it is entirely up to Colmex Pro’s discretion which is never a guarantee. We honestly think that even if there is a no deposit bonus or Colmex Pro bonus on deposit, a guaranteed reward would be a nice consolation. Therefore, we strongly recommend you register with another broker who will provide some sort of assistance or compensation which will make trading much easier and more profitable for you. One of the best solutions is to try the leading Forex broker – XM 50% deposit bonus which is available for every new registering user.

FAQs on Colmex Pro deposit bonus

Is Colmex Pro a scam?

No, Colmex Pro is not a scam. However, it is not among the highly reliable Forex brokers, as well. The broker has no enough experience or customer base large enough to be considered trustworthy. But, on the other hand, we could not find any negative reviews about the brokerage company that would claim that it is a scam. We would still recommend that you trade with highly reliable brokerage companies like XM, HotForex, AvaTrade, IQ Options, or similar.

Does Colmex Pro offer a demo account?

Yes, Colmex Pro offers the demo account. It is completely free of charge but can be used for a limited time. Traders can buy and sell stocks, trade with ETFs and any other financial instrument available on the broker’s platform without putting their financial resources at risk. Registration for the Colmex Pro demo account is extremely easy and it does not require supporting documents or verification stages.