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by Gerard on June 30, 2016

High Risk Activities in Germany

Germany has always been known as an industrial nation and its population has been known for achieving quite some income surplus over time. If there is an excessive income, there is then also a wish to invest the funds. However, many of the activities entail quite some significant risks. In this article we are going to take a look at the riskiest types of investments one can make on the German territory.


While buying housing is considered a moderately safe type of investment all over the world, it does look different in Germany. Even though the housing prices in most of the cities are expected to go up, it is nearly impossible to generate any other sorts of revenues from the property. Why is that? Recently there was a law passed in Germany that made short-term rentals and the co-operation with such services as illegal. Hence, a property owner can no longer benefit from the property renting in full.

DAX Trading

Germany has been known for its index – , a package that combines the performance of the best companies in the country. Even though trading it can be rather profitable, we have included it in our list due to its volatility. In the years 2015 and 2016 the index fluctuation has been quite severe. You can perfectly trade DAX via various Forex brokers, but when it comes to binary options trading, there should be less volatile instruments that are easier to predict.

Online Casinos

This is not really a type of an investment, but gambling, especially digital, seems to be on the rise in Germany. There are more and more casinos that try to attract the clients by offering various types of new games, attractive bonuses and many more. For example, a services offered by many website lets you start placing bets online using a crypto currency known as a bitcoin. This way a person can keep his anonymity and avoid any transactional costs.


Finally, this is also not a type of an investment but rather a scam warning. Throughout the times there were quite a few companies that pretended to offer diamond trading / investment services. Usually such companies had quite a few talented sales people and were approaching its clients via phone. Most of the people have never seen their money back after they have made an “investment” into diamonds. Hence, stay away, even if you are being promised a Swiss type of reliability.

The bottom line

There are quite a few risky investments or trading ideas one can make when living in Germany. In this article we recommend you to stay away from investing into property (at least until the legal situation is improved), avoid trading binaries on DAX, rejecting the offers from online casinos and passing on diamonds.

By Gerard

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