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by Irakli on May 3, 2020

How South Africans Can Make An Income By Trading With No Money

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has caused mass panic around the world and invoked fear in many of us, all with good reasons. However, what it also has done is take our attention away from the possibilities around us. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as trading with no money can indeed seem impossible, or might just not be the top priority for many of us right now.

In these trying times, many of us are either forced to stay at home or continuously endanger ourselves and our loved ones just to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Some of us fail even at that, as not every business was able to thrive in quarantine and cost many jobs around the world, and South Africa is no exception to this.

So we can either sit still and continue to fear the uncertain, or we can start taking matters into our own hands and make use of the events around us. The beauty of the financial market comes from its limitless possibilities to turn any unfortunate event into positive outcomes, as when one market is going down, another is going up. It gives us the ability not to only invest in favor of an asset, but also against, creating endless amounts of opportunities for everybody, not just company executives looking to retire.

After all, who’s to say we can’t? Who’s to say trading with no money is not possible? Not with the endless amount of stories of success that we keep witnessing every day, from people who defied all odds and made the most of the amount of limited resources they had.

Sandile Shezi

Growing up in a poor neighborhood, with an equally poor household, things were looking rough for Sandile and a lifetime’s worth of poverty was most likely on its way to him. But, Shezi did not sit idle and greet it with open arms. Instead, he did something unthinkable.

He took the money that was supposed to go towards his tuition fee and instead invested it into Forex, which later turned out to be his first step to becoming one of the youngest millionaires in South Africa, with an estimated net worth over $2 million today.

Ref Wayne

Wayne shares a similar childhood with Sandile, facing issues with potential career development and opportunities. So Ref turned to investing instead, and at a very young age as well. He learned more about how the different markets work, developed strategies, and took action which later led to him being one of the youngest multi-millionaires in the country, all of which started with him trading with next to no money in his pockets.

Nelisiwe Masango

Nelisiwe breaks the mold of the male-dominated financial market and proves to the world that anybody can achieve success in the industry, regardless of their race and gender.

Before she could even start the journey to becoming one of the best female traders in South Africa, she first had to drop out of her studies, a very difficult choice to make for everyone. But, all in due time, she would end up not only have made a fortune all from the comfort of her home, but also start businesses as well, that provide important services to help the development of South Africa as a whole.

Getting Started

Taking the first step is one of the biggest obstacles we will ever face throughout our lives, no matter what it is we do. Whether it’s starting an entire business or asking out that one person we’ve been eyeing for a while now, but nothing worth having ever comes easily.

Luckily, today we have even more opportunities given to us than those that came before. More education, more leverage, more guides, more brokers to choose from, more assets, more payment methods and much, much more. But one thing we have that traders above didn’t have is the ability to start our journeys without having to take anything out of our own pockets, with the help of Forex brokers with welcome bonus. For newcomers, it may seem strange to see Forex brokers that give free bonus, but it has actually become rather normal nowadays.

With the help of no deposit bonus, brokers can help more investors get started, which in return will allow both to earn more in the long run. As for the investors, it allows us to start trading without having to risk our hard-earned cash, making the first step a much easier task by allowing us to start trading with no money.

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