Best Forex brokers in Europe and how to find those

When it comes to comfort and convenience for a Forex broker there’s no place better than the European Union itself. The traders can enjoy a non-restricted market where they have no restrictions for opening currency trading accounts. Lots of brokers in Europe own the largest scope of the Forex market share. And that is no surprise: those brokers offer reliable trading conditions, they are transparent in their operations, and they are striving to secure the account of the traders the best way possible.

When we’re talking about foreign exchange, there is absolutely no way we can ignore Europe as it packs probably the biggest punch when it comes to trading. Just the fact that it houses one of the most sought-after currencies in the world: the European currencies like EUR and CHF, speaks for itself. Notably, those are traded in almost 50% of the daily Forex operations all around the globe. Moreover, nearly every major market player has a headquarters located in Europe as this way it is able to enjoy the benefits of Forex trading in the EU.

European traders have quite a large pool of best brokers in Europe that they are able to choose from depending on the trading conditions and a range of services provided. Besides the fact that Europe doesn’t cover much of the land mass on the planet, it covers quite a large amount of its finances. Therefore, making it a very good investment for brokers to be open and accessible. Because of this popularity, the European Union has made everything it could to attract more and more brokers within its borders, why wouldn’t they? At the end of the day that generates more income for them, as well as their citizens. Due to that fact, notably, Forex brokers in Europe are the best developed and regulated in the entire world.

What’s so great about the EU when it comes to trading?

Forex brokers Europe

We guess that by now you already know how important it is to complete thorough research before choosing the Forex broker you will go with. It is just like with cars or any other good – you need to know exactly what you are spending your money on. Overwise, that is simply a loss of both time and money.

Thankfully, researching European brokers is as easy as it gets because the regulations demand that they stay as transparent for their users and regulators as possible. However, don’t hesitate to dig deeper when you visit their website, always check the reviews on the application, most of the times a brave soul decides to go in blind and review it for the sake of others.

When you look at it with practicality in mind, you see the simple solution for choosing the best Forex broker Europe. Generally speaking, it is of utmost importance to look into the broker’s operational work,  commission percentages, quality of the customer support based on reviews, the minimum deposit and maximum leverage rates, major currency spreads, and so on. The best thing you can do is visit their websites and do your own research, but if you don’t want to read hundreds of pages and getting soaked by the details, we’ve prepared a list of reviews for the best brokers we could find. Check them out!

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Investors losing money when trading CFDs is not a rare phenomenon, it happens all the time. Even though those contracts allow traders to possibly benefit on price movements, you still should consider whether you understand how they work and can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

When we were trying to feature the best Europe brokers, we realized that there was no way we could give out quantity over quality. Therefore, we’ve decided to just list the very best we could find on the market. As you can see on the right-hand side of the rectangles, there is a  «Review» button, those are the reviews that we have written for top Forex brokers Europe. Thus, make sure to go through them once you’ve visited the respected websites of the brokers and have obtained a general idea about those. We hope that the reviews will help you make a decision and keep your best interests safe.

Currency pairs available on the EU Forex market

One of the most prominent advantages of trading in the EU is that you have direct access to all of the superior currencies and you can trade those without being charged with large commissions.

Among the most popular currency pairs on the EU Forex market there are:


Benefits you receive with the best brokers in Europe

As we have already mentioned, Forex brokers Europe are probably the safest brokers you can opt for. Besides, if you’re living within Europe yourself it’s an even larger advantage when it comes to possible delays due to the time difference. Moreover, it has been proven that top European brokers are the most well-trained and educated brokers on the existing market. Therefore, when it comes to trading and entrusting your hard earned money to somebody, which would you prefer – a person who’s spent years improving and learning about their craft, or a beginner? The answer is quite obvious, isn’t it?

Below you may find a number of benefits that you will receive while trading with European brokers. Regardless of undeniable benefits that you are getting while trading with those, you still need to check the reviews and evaluate all of the existent points yourself.

European Forex broker advantage

Diversity in trading platforms

In today’s life, mobility is a key and every single broker we have featured before understands that they have to provide their users with a mobility focused account system. Thus, ensuring the highest level of comfort and affordability. By the way, you can choose from trading with a demo and real money accounts when registering on the best European trading platform. Please remember that only the best European Forex brokers feature a mobile app to help their traders be comfortable in their trading activities. Besides, some traders are professionals and basically live off of their trading. Therefore, the brokers also created a web-based system which allows their traders to use the state of art technology and the most responsive system there is.

Constant and relevant market news

When a person who has heard nothing about trading or just knows its basics looks at the process of trading, they think it’s just gambling. But all of us know that trading is always based on the information you receive and the predictions you can analyze with them. Therefore, all of the best Forex brokers Europe feature a fast and daily update system that helps their clients to be a step above everyone else and jump on an opportunity before anyone else can.

Negative balance protection

All of the brokerages located within the EU, provide negative balance protection to its users. This way they ensure that the accounts of traders will never go below zero no matter how unsuccessful the Forex trading was for one. That is of utmost importance for the beginners who are still not comfortable with the market constantly moving and prices changing every day. Thus, in the ever-changing environment, EU brokers are trying to secure the traders from having debts. That is yet another sign of how responsible and highly secured are the Forex market and its representative on the territory of the EU.

Banking options for the Euro major currency

Fast-paced and sometimes unpredictable currency rates are what make you the biggest profits when it comes to trading Forex online, but you need to be very careful with those same rates because they can cause you losing money when making a deposit. Therefore, it is essential that you find one of the best brokers Europe that will provide you with the banking options in major currencies like, for instance, Euro. Luckily for you, the brokers we have featured have that exact service available, keeping you safe and more robust with your deposit and withdrawal activities.

Commission’s compensation funds

In the EU there is the Financial Commission member, FT Global Limited organization, which is dedicated to resolving various issues in the financial sphere.  Thus, the institution stands for transparency and security of traders’ funds. And can cover some of the expenses that have appeared in case if the money were stolen or in case of the unexpected price shifts on the market. The maximum coverage rate, notably, cannot exceed  €20,000 per client.

Receiving profit fast and easy

The moment you make a profitable trade with the best Forex broker in Europe, you start thinking of getting your hands on the gains as quickly as you possibly can. Therefore, choosing the brokers that we have listed above, you will have less stressful moments trying to reach your gains and having them show up on your account.

The best European Forex brokers regulations

regulated European Forex brokers

If you’re an experienced trader, you might already have a certain tactic that can help you to choose the brokers properly. However, if you are a beginner, you need to know that this method is seeing what regulatory body is overseeing the brokerage’s license. If you find a broker that has not disclosed any information about their regulation then make sure to find that out by asking them directly or looking at reviews. You shall also keep in mind that if they are trying not to disclose that information then you need to avoid them at all costs.  There are tons of regulations when it comes to the locations and which countries the Forex broker will be stationed in. Most commonly, the first regulation they receive will be issued in the country they are based in and only after that the internationally recognized ones might follow as well. Sometimes, when conducting research, you might need to dig into the past of the brokerage founder. As often that is where all the ‘dirt’ lies. However, European Forex brokers we’ve listed above is considered as regulated and reliable ones.

The best brokers for Europe that operate under the regulations of the local and international regulations that ensure that they are operating in accordance with the established policies and their activities are completely transparent. Each country in the EU has its own regulatory institution and here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) in Cyprus
  • Danish FSA in Denmark
  • Federal Financial Supervisory Authority or BaFin in Germany
  • National Securities Market Commission is Spain
  • Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) in Sweden
  • Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in Swiss
  • FSA in Great Britain

Also some brokers don’t stop with just those regulations, some of them find it important to acquire memberships from professional and governmental bodies like MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) , which is a European Union law that provides harmonized regulation for investment services across all of the member states of the EAA (European Economic Area) and the ICC (Investor Compensation Company Limited).

Regulated brokers Europe have absolutely no problem showcasing their regulator’s name on their websites, why would they want to hide it? If there is some problem and you cannot find the regulator’s name featured on their website or anywhere else, do not panic because the regulators sometimes refuse the disclosure of their identity to everyone, sometimes they constrain it only to customers or potential customers. Therefore, the only thing you can do is just ask the brokerage who they are regulated by. Fortunately enough, the list we have prepared for you earlier features all the brokers that have no problem giving you information about the body that regulates them, so if you choose them you can rest easy.

MiFID regulator and its responsibilities

As we have already mentioned above, MiFID is an important institution that is responsible for governing services provided by financial institutions like the Forex broker Europe. It was created just like other regulatory bodies to ensure that Forex trading can be performed transparently and fairly.

Thus, the organization has announced a list of requirements best European broker shall meet in case if it wants to continue its operations on the market. Among those there are:

  • provision of access to the data on trading to traders
  • provision of access to the data on trading to regulators and supervisors
  • usage of only organized and licensed venues
  • removal of any barriers between brokerages and ensuring of the pure competition among those
  • enhancing the investment protection and ensuring of safety provision