ETFinance review explores the newcomer to the industry

ETFinance review explores the newcomer to the industry

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Let us welcome a newcomer to the markets by giving them a close look at trying to find out whether they are everything they are saying that they are. After all, ETFinance scam might as well be a thing if we don’t examine it closely and try to understand what makes them tick. Well, to be honest, we already did that and found out that the broker has a lot of positive aspects about it that many users will end up enjoying once they start trading with it. Young as the company is, with its already abundant marketing strategies such as the sponsorship of Real Madrid’s basketball team, it has so far proven (to us) that they possess the qualities that would make them one of the best brokers on the market. If they keep going as they are going now, the broker will become one of the best brokers to have operated in the industry for years. So, let us get into the nitpicking. review at a glance

Let’s talk about the aspect that usually makes or breaks a broker: their website. In the case of ETFinance we were a little conflicted at first but ended up liking the broker and enjoying the way, they have designed their website in a way that encourages information gathering and understanding how the broker operates. The website itself is designed with a pretty minimalistic approach. There are only two colours and there is nothing that immediately jumps out at the person when they get on the website. There is only the perfectly clean space that allows people to explore what is happening on the website. While at first, the website might seem a bit bare, the ETFinance Forex broker provides enough information and ease of access to the information that you quickly realize how much the website tells you. The information is easily available once you navigate page-by-page, and once you actually get to the page about the Leela aspects of the company’s operation, you are immediately provided with loads of key information. Information such as the licensing, the leverage, the fees and so on, which is very important for any and every trader to know before they get to work with the company. review

What is even more exciting to see is how easy it is to access the information about the location of the company, the contact information of the customer service and other supplemental information. Live chat is available, but if you like to hear a voice, you can always call the customer support five days out of the week, twenty-four hours a day. Once you do get in touch with the service, you will hear a polite voice that is extremely helpful in the way it treats you. Customer service is an important aspect of any broker, especially of a young one such as ETFinance FX brokerage. A quick customer service prevents unneeded trouble and provides a good chance that you will end up getting what you need and what you want if any kind of issue arises at any point.

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ETFinance offers its users a chance to get a hold of the MT4 platform. This is nice to see as the MT4 platform is the baseline for all traders – anyone who has ever traded and anyone who has ever spent any time with a broker has probably at some point interacted with the platform. This means that veterans will be able to integrate with the broker without an issue. For those who are new, MT4 will be easy to pick up. If MT4 is not something a client enjoys, the can alternatively get access to the browser-based trading platform that the broker offers, which is a pretty baseline platform that functions as well as you would want it to. Finally, what makes our ETFinance rating higher, is the fact that it offers the users a chance to also employ a mobile trading platform if they do not want to be stuck at their PC screen all day. All in all, a solid selection of platforms.

Something else that these guys have a solid selection of is the number of tradeable financial assets that they offer to their clients. These include commodities, metals, stocks, Forex and Indices. This provides a nice range of assets that will allow most traders to diversify their trading habits in a way that allows them to remain safe, even in the case that one trade does not go as they planned or had hoped for. This variety of financial assets is a key point that makes our ETFinance review be as positive as it is right now. If they only offered one financial asset to trade with, we would be much more likely to give a negative review.

The company also provides some tight spreads for the users, does not charge extra fees and also allows for pretty high leverage. Of course, because they comply with ESMA regulation (thankfully) they are unable to provide leverage offers of more than 1:30 to average day-to-day users. But the company offers a chance to users who are interested in high leverage trading to become classified as pro users and in doing so gain access to a maximum of 1:300 leverage in Forex and 1:200 leverage in most other assets. Is ETFinance legit in how they work with leverage? Well, this is as legit as it gets, but remember that CFDs are high risk in their nature, so not being careful is not a good idea.


Can ETFinance be trusted is the question that most of you will be asking the moment you find out all of the positive aspects about them. The answer to this is pretty simple: yes and let us explain why. First of all, the company has a whole load of licensing from some of the most respected financial regulators in the industry: CySec, FCA and BaFin have all licensed the broker to operate. These three institutions are some of the most trusted in the industry. They provide a high level of inspection and regulation and are very likely to take away the license of a company the moment it is found out to be violating the terms of work. This increases our trust level by a whole lot.

ETFinance review

What would make us feel a little more comfortable than we do now is if there were more user reviews available online of the company’s operation. Currently, ETFinance reviews are few and far in between, simply because the company is so young. Thankfully, despite the issue of being few, most of them are very positive and often report on the company being friendly and very helpful (it seems most of these guys encountered issues that were quickly fixed by the customer service). While we are hoping to see more reviews in the near future, so far it seems that the broker has a very nice track record with their users.

In the end

Now that we have probably made the brokers blush with our review, let us summarize a little and make a couple of final points. The company, it seems, is one of the best ones to start trading with right now. It offers users a chance to trade at their discretion and at their speed, while also permitting them access to adequate leverage and chances to remain secure. We hope that the quality of the service remains high in the years to come and that the broker only remains as one of the better ones on the market. Until then, they are definitely recommended by us.

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